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Daily notices for Thursday, 23rd July 2015

  • Funding and resources available to support Open Access

    Meeting the challenges and opportunities of Open Access

    OVER the next few days academics from across the University will receive letters from the Vice-Chancellor explaining the requirements of the HEFCE Open Access policy. The letter is part of a wider Open Access (OA) awareness raising campaign that includes posters, flyers, emails, workshops and door hangers orchestrated by the Office of Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) and Library Services.

    The idea behind the campaign is to give staff the support that they need to face up to the opportunities and challenges of OA. The University’s Head of Research Professor Berthold Schoene said: “Manchester Met performed extremely well in REF2014 but funder expectations are growing all the time. One of the major pushes over the last couple of years has been towards demonstrating the public benefits and value of research.

    "We’ve seen this with the introduction of the impact agenda and now the emphasis is firmly fixed on making research outputs accessible so that society can benefit from the money being spent on research. This campaign is an important step towards meeting these challenges.”

    Compliance with the next REF

    Most major funders already mandate that outputs from their funding must be made freely available and accessible. HEFCE has announced that all journal articles and conference proceedings with an ISSN must be made Open Access within 3 months from the date of acceptance for publication if they are to be eligible for submission to the next REF.

    What does this mean for Manchester Met staff?

    All new articles and conference proceedings must be made OA through the so-called gold route via payment of an article processing charge, or by the green route through the use of an institutional repository such as e-space.

    The easiest way for Manchester Met staff to comply with the HEFCE policy is to use Symplectic, the University’s research management system to deposit details of research outputs. You can log into Symplectic at and then you can upload PDFs of your items into e-space at the click of a button.

    Help and support

    Leaflets have been sent to all staff but if you need further guidance and support on using Symplectic then you can visit the Symplectic pages in the RKE intranet at You can also or call extension 2822. For
    further information on OA including copyright and embargo periods you can go to the Library Guide at you can email:

    Funding for Open Access

    Ruth Jenkins, Head of Library Services and the Chair of the University’s OA Steering Group reflects on why OA is so important. “At Manchester Met we know that our world-leading research has the potential to transform people’s lives and that our research supports the development of considerable impacts.

    "The benefits of OA can help further this mission. OA helps us to increase the visibility of our research, improves citation rates and has knock on benefits for wider society. That’s why I’m really pleased that we are now able to offer a simple solution for OA compliance using a link between Symplectic and e-space.

    "Ultimately we want to move beyond compliance and that’s why we have earmarked funding to support researchers in their efforts to pay for article processing charges. This will mean that we will be able to pay for high quality research to be made available through the gold route. For further information contact Bernadette Mellody”


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